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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Four Furry Floozies

Saturday ~ February 4, 2006: Finally decided to give this 'blog-thing' a try. I've been lurking for a few months. Furry Floozies was chosed to celebrate my Four Furry Feline Friends; China (aka China Doll, China Girl), Shadow (aka Shoe Lover), Snowflake (aka Flashlight Kitty) and Meteor (aka Meatys). Photos to be posted at a later date. But this blog is not about cats, although their antics, I'm sure, will be shared from time to time. This blog will be about knitting and quilting. Knitting during the winter, and Quilting during the Summer. From time to time I will also feature comments about my career (Winery Office Manager), my volunteer activities (Firefighter/EMT) and my almost 12 year old son, Christopher. I will also share about my family. I will also share about my love for Disney and my many collections, including enough yarn and fabric to open a large store.
News of the week is that I signed up for EIGHT, yes 8 classes at my local yarn shop. I never do anything on a small scale. I'll be taking the first class this Wednesday. It is entitled Flowers, Flowers & Flowers. I saw the samples in the shop when I signed up and they look like they will be fun (& quick) to create. I have to go through my sparkle yarn stash, as well as my button collection so I have some supplies to bring. I'm knitting a felted needle roll, but I doubt I'll have it finished by then, so I'll just have to throw a bunch of needles in a shopping bag. I have a lot of UFO's at the moment. Gave up trying to knit socks with Koigu and size 1 dp needles. Perhaps after my One Session Wonders classes every Friday in March, I can graduate up to that. But until then, I have 2 baby blankets in the works, as well as a beaded ascot. Look for finished creation photos to be posted at a later date.
Well, I'm off to read one of my favorite blogs, A Dress a Day at


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