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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Water Lily

Tuesday, February 7th - Ah, the doldrums of winter have set it. It's been quite mild here in the Northeast, but it's still winter.......and it's my least favorite season. Seems that I just hear ching - ching everytime the oil burner fires up.
I thought I'd start out by showing you this quilt I made using an Eileen Sullivan pattern. It was entirely paper pieced. I've had Donna at Quilting up a Storm machine piece most of my quilts, as I am not so good at machine quilting, and I haven't hand quilted in over 10 years. Donna does wonderful work. I always give her freedom to decide how to quilt, and I've never been disappointed. This quilt hangs over the mantle in my living room and usually cheers me when I look at it. The living room is painted a light blue, and the darker blue fabric with the bright fushia really makes the quilt pop. Well, it's 8:30 AM and I should soon be off to work. The accountant is coming in 2 weeks, and there is no way that I'm ready with the year end stuff. I barely get the day-to-day work done. I need a weekend alone in that place to just get caught up.
In the knitting department I'm working on a baby blanket. Size 10 1/2 needles with Lion Brand Wool-Ease thick n' quick. I really like the way the yarn handles. The pattern is worked side-ways...cast on 5 stitches, then knit 2, yo over and knit to end. When you get to about 100 stitches, you then start to decrease, by knitting 2, knitting 2 together, yarn over, knit 2 together and knit to end. It forms a beautiful edging. My hope is to put tassels on each corner. It's not an incredibly large blanket. But, I think it will be perfect for a cover in a baby carriage, or a stroller. I made it for one of my co-workers who has been out on maternity leave since Nov 30th....she'll be coming back to work on March 2nd, and I can't wait because I really have missed her.
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