Furry Floozies

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Four Fluffy Furry Feline Floozies

I need to introduce my family. First there is China Girl. She is the one with her eyes closed. She has such a personality. She was a kitten when I met her. She lived in the neighborhood with another family, but I don't think they took care of her. She would always come over to my porch, and eventually she came everyday. I guess putting food out for her was the motivating factor. Then one day we had a terrible snowstorm, about 18" of snow. I made up a litter box and brought her into the house. Then the family wanted her back, and they moved away. I cried, but realized that she wasn't really mine. Then 3 weeks later she showed up at my doorstep....the rest is history. Now she's 100% indoor cat. I moved to a much larger house, and adopted 3 more kitties. The next of my babies are Shadow (pink nose) and Snowflake (dark nose). As you might have guessed, they are sisters. They were rescued and adopted from the North Fork Animal Shelter when they were 6 weeks old. That's my son Christopher holding them at 4 weeks, at the Shelter before we could take them home. That's about a year ago, and they are quite large now. Snowflake has turned into a real 'fatty'. Snowflake is also known as flashlight kitty. She goes crazy when the flashlight is moved about the room on the floor. Shadow is shoe kitty because she loves shoes. They are like catnip to her. I've even woken up some mornings to find her little toy mouse placed in my flipflops by the bed. She seems to stay away from my sons sneakers....pretty sure why that is. The next kitty is Meteor. Meteor was rescued from behind a McDonald's and was adopted from a group called "SAVES". Meteor is a tuxedo cat. He is the only male in the group and loves having his belly rubbed...he reminds me of a dog. He has a purr that can be heard down the block. All four are indoor pets.


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