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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Weekend Getaway Satchel {front done} and 2 furry floozies

I have finished the intarsia work on the front of the Weekend Getaway Satchel. I still have to knit up about 10", and then the embroidery work can begin. My back is done, but I'm still working on the gussets, and dreading the work on the 30 foot long red handles. More information about this pattern can be found at: http://weekendgetawaysatchel.blogspot.com/ and the materials can be ordered here:
I'm also posting 2 more furry floozies pics. China is the mostly white, black spotted cat; and Meteor is the mostly black cat!


  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger primdollie said…

    LOve your blog and all the great knitting projects you have posted and of course love all the "baby" pics!!!! I saw your post on Bag a Holics group and so had to peek!!! thanks for sharing and wish I could have gone to the NYC shop!! I lived on Long Island till I was 11 and then moved to upstate NY!!! Oneonta!!! long time ago now!!! would love to see NYC now and some of the fun sites!!! someday!! am in Ohio now!!! thanks for the flash backs!!! Hugs Linda


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