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Sunday, January 28, 2007

OTN - Valentine Barbie Dress

I started this about an hour ago, after I signed up for the At My House yahoo group Barbie clothing exchange. Not sure why I decided to make a Barbie dress...I don't even own a Barbie doll, and I have a son, no daughters. But...I saw this design http://www.geocities.com/iluvdlls/Valentine.htm
in a link (Thanks Milly), and just had to make it. I especially love the pattern because it can be worked on straight needles. Just can't seem to wrap my 2 hands around 4 dpn's. I need more fingers. This is a photograph of the bottom of the bodice. Ever since my attempt at Intarsia with the Weekend Getaway Satchel, I really enjoy working with more than 1 color. I think I'll include a matching scarf.
The pink yarn is Patons Grace in Blush, and the red yarn is Dalegarn Stock in color #12. Both yarns are 100% cotton. I'm working it on size 3 needles. And, ah...it just came to me, I will give what I receive in the exchange to my co-worker's daughter. She's in 2nd grade, and I'm almost sure she plays with Barbie dolls.


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