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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow and Quilting

Saturday, February 12th - We had my least favorite thing happen during the night ~ SNOW! And it appears that it's enough so that's going to require a shovel. Oh, how I wish I lived in the South!
Earlier in the week I blogged a photo of my water lily quilt ~ pattern by Eileen Sullivan. I have another Eileen Sullivan quilt to share with you. This one is Poinsettia and although I don't have a finished photo, but it is indeed finished, I wanted to share my 'progress' photos with you so that you can see how it all comes together. I really enjoy paper piecing!
Photo #2 is trying to decide which fabric to use as the border print. As you can see in Photo #3 I went with something different from my first 3 choices. I thought that the color in the small rose buds brought out the color of the poinsettia. You'll notice I didn't want to make this a traditional RED flower. I used fushias and pinks so that it could hang year-round. I did use the fabric to the right on Photo #2 for the backing.


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