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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

UFO's from Emma King's book

Here are 2 photos of some unfinished work from Emma King's 25 bags book. The first photo is of the Ocean Bag....it's quite flimsy so I will have to line it, but I might even include some timtex to make it even sturdier. As you can see I have the buttons, and some sequin trims that I will be adding to the bag. The second photo is of the Lemon Zest bag, which I have renamed the Key Lime bag...for several reasons, one is that the yarn is definitely NOT yellow...it's lime green, the other reason is that I finished the 2nd side while on vacation in the Florida Keys in April. I still have to sew this up, and line it too. I am going to attach some shells that I picked up on the beach while I was in the Keys to dress is up a bit. I loved working with Rowan's Kid Silk Haze...it is so fuzzy! I enjoyed the posts at Bag-A-Holic of someone who made these bags up using circular needles, rather than knitting the 2 sides together...it's a great idea for the next back that I make from this book. I have the yarn to work on the Raspberry Bobble bag.....

Friday, June 16, 2006

Watermelon Hat

Here is a photograph of the work in progress on my watermelon hat for the summer hat exchange on AtMyHouse - Yahoo Groups. My partner this month was KyleAnn (KnittyKyle) and I sure hope she likes it. (It's finished now, and in the mail to her.) I made a green pom-pom that she can (if she'd like) attach to the top. It was made of 100% wool, so she can always felt it for a little person. This is a photo before I put the top on DPN's.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Multidirectional Knit-A-Long Eyeglass Case

I'm joining in the Multidirectional Kint-A-Long for the eyeglass case on page 23 of Iris Schreier's Modular Knits book. (It's a yahoo group I joined about 4 or 5 months ago.) I am using Artyarns colorway 106 in Super Merino. I absolutely love the feel of this yarn. However, I'm having some trouble following the pattern. My first square looks okay, and I do have the square #3 corrections (to the book) from the website, but...I am supposed to have square squares, not a triangle in the middle. I'm posting this photo in hopes that someone from the group can help me out with following the directions. It almost looks like I turned when I wasn't supposed to, but I've made sure to follow the directions, and after ripping several starts, this was my 5th try.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

A few more of my favorites from the Peconic Quilt Show

"Sea Dogs" was done by Kathleen Fieldstadt and won a a Merit Award in the Contemporary Small Quilts Division. "These Boots Were Made for Walking" was done by Alice Zimmerman. "Aurora" was done by Susan Liimatta Horn and won a 2nd place ribbon in the Contemporary Wall Quilts Division. "Rose Garden" was done by Mary Meade and won a 1st place ribbon in the Contemporary Small Quilts Division. "Dancing In the Stars" was done by my friend Gayle Wagner. This quilt was featured in our local paper "The Suffolk Times" and "News Review" on Thursday, June 1st in an article that Toni Munni wrote about our Quilt Show. "Gerber Daisies" was done by Tippy Case, and the log cabin quilt entitled "On the Sunny Side" was also made by Susan Liimatta Horn ("Aurora") and won a 1st place ribbon in the Traditional Wall Quilts Division.

Great Blue Heron Quilt

This quilt was made by Patty Cline. She is a wonderful machine quilt artist, and the quilting on this piece is incredible. She even quilted a fish in the lake, a dragonfly & grasshopper in the leaves, and more. She won a 2nd place ribbon in the Contemporary Wall Quilt division. Patty Cline owns Chestnut Bay Quilting, and is a professional machine quilter.

This quilt was created by Caroline Fraser entitled "Cat's Meow". It was machine quilted by Patty Cline. She even quilted some mice in the center of the quilt. It is a stack n whack pattern with fans.

I love bird quilts, and the hand applique detail on this first quilt was incredible. I especially love Betsy Widirstky's "Redbirds in the Spring". I'm also a BIG fan of paper piecing. I would enjoy making these cardinal blocks. I'll have to find the patterns.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Eastern Long Island Quilt Show June 3 & 4, 2006

This quilt won the Best in Show Ribbon and First Place in the Contemporary Wall Quilt Division. It is entitled Tropical Paradise and was created by Kathy Davis. The machine quilting on it is exquisite.

I'll post more quilts tomorrow!

More Quilts from the Peconic Quilt Show

This quilt was in the special exhibit area of the show. It is an original design and each line of the quilt reaches the edges of the quilt. I love this design of "hats".
The first quilt (shown below) was created by Kathleen Lake and it is entitled Circle Lake. The second quilt was created by Lillian Baglivi and is entitled Going in Circles.

More Quilts from the Peconic Quilt Show

These 2 quilts were made by May Watson. May was my first teacher. She taught me to applique. That was 1994, and I commented to her today, that I had to 'borrow' a scrap of black from her for the beak on my swan. (That was when I hadn't even heard the word "stash" yet.)
Beautiful Blue Boy won a merit award ribbon. The other quilt is entitled "An Apple a Day".

More Quilts from the Peconic Quilt Show

Our Guild also displayed a special exhibit entitled "Fabric Postcards" created by some of our members. Here is a photo of the display and a few of my favorites:

Eastern Long Island Quilt Show - June 3 & 4, 2006

The Quilt Guild that I belong to is holding their Annual Quilt Show today and tomorrow. I just got back and once again, I'm inspired to QUIILT more! Here are some of the photographs that I took...
These photographs are blocks, description and whole quilt entitled "Sunbonnet Sue Across America". This was an internet block swap and each block represents one state. The quilt was organized and made by my friend, Kim Bunchuck of www.sunbonnetsue.com