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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Company is Coming!

Just finished setting the table for tonight's "Spanish night" get-together. Last month we had "Thai night".... so I've decided to continue with the once a month ethnic dinner.
Tonight we're having Spanish Garlic Soup and Arroz Con Pollo. I'll be in the kitchen with Colleen, while the others chat in the living room. Colleen is an exceptional cook, and it's such a fun get-together. She's not happy about the mis-matched china, but I told her it's a "Martha-thing". I'm happy to be using my little salt & pepper dishes that I bought an antique shop a LONG time ago.

Friday, March 23, 2007

It was a week for getting goodies in the mail...BIG TIME.
First, I received my International Tote Exchange III package from my partner. She sent a beautiful bag that she knit and felted...I love it. It is lined very nicely, has a snap, and even has feet. I could take a lesson from her. I wimp out when it comes time to lining my bags...I just haven't found a sure-way of making something that fits AND looks nice and neat. She sent other goodies, shown in the photo...Thank you. On the other side, I finally was able to send out my Tote III package to my partner. I sent her some chocolates, a dishcloth, and a cable bag that I made. The other goodies received were some Sunflower Scrubbies that I had asked my friend from Bag-A-Holic's Yahoo Group, Kyle Ann to make for me. I LOVE these...they are a gift for a particular someone (who hopefully WILL NOT see my blog - Mom - don't tell Christina).....Then, I received my Reynolds Saucy Sport from Cotton Clouds and WEBS. (See previous post regarding the top I (cast on for last night) just had to make from the latest issue of Knit Simple. I have to say Cotton Clouds was ABSOLUTELY without a doubt the nicest yarn company to work with. She had most of the colors (but not all, so hence the other order from WEBS)...and I received it beautifully packaged, with actual yarn samples, her sales information, information about the yarns she carries, and the yarn sample card for all of the Saucy Sport colors). Finally, I received a package from my mom, included with "The Friday Night Knitting Club"...of which, I had my mother RACE all over Charlotte, NC to get Kate Jacobs to autograph it!, was a crochet pin cushion that I have been begging for. One of these days I will take a class on crochet......

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lizard Ridge Squares #2

Here are my "just knit it" squares...see previous post for my idea on making this an "organized color" project.

Lizard Ridge Afghan Blocks

Lizard Ridge Afghan Blocks - set #1

First, a little background information:

The pattern for these squares can be found at: http://www.knitty.com/issuefall06/PATTlizardridge.html

and here is the link to the Leapin' Lizards Knit-A-Long:


I have fallen in love with this simple short-row pattern. The photos above are my 'first' blocks. Originally I wanted to find one colorway of Noro Kureyon so that I had a consistant color theme. Additionally I wanted to find a colorway with blues and greens....the colors of my living room. But, after knitting up a few samples, (photo on left) #170 - nice blues, but a sort of crazy orange, (photo in middle) #164 nice greens & a beautiful turquoise that pairs well with the color of my sofas and (photo on right) #188 - possibly my favorite with greens and purples, but not enough contrast in the greens to make this a useful choice. So, I decided to just use a bunch of different colorways and just KNIT!

Miserable Ice Storm

We had (hopefully) our last storm of the winter season on Friday. It was miserable. Mostly ICE. The only nice thing was getting to watch all the birds at the feeders. And...watching my cats watch those birds which was probably much more entertaining. I had a slew of Cardinals...both males & females, at least 3 males and 4 females. I can't remember the last time I saw more than a pair feeding at once. I also had carolina wrens, chickadees, and yes a few grackles....

Berroco Tioreg bag pices blocking

I have all of the pieces for the Tioreg bag done and they blocked. Now on to the tedious job of sewing them all together. I altered the pattern for the hexagons so that I could knit them on straight needles (I'm an octopus with double pointeds). I am going to use a clear monofilament thread and regular sewing needle. I didn't want to seam with the yarn because it's varigated and matching up the colors would be a nightmare. The colorway is called Hotel California (Berroco Love It), but I've renamed this Summer Sherbet.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Wakame Blocking

Love It Wakame top - some pieces blocking.....reminder to purchase the blocking wires I saw at Stitches East

Kitty Pi - the Use and Non-Use of it!

Here are some assorted photos of my Kitty Pi. I used Cascade Lana Grosso...very bulky wool, and easy to work with. The black kitty is Meteor, white and gray kitty is Shadow. Please note non-use of Kitty Pi, and use of Vaguely Vegas bag (by Shadow)on top of TV armoir.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2007 Review

Vogue Knitting - Knit Simple - Spring/Summer 2007 issue - review

This is one of my favorite knitting magazines. Nice ad announcing Nicky Epstein's new book entitled Knitting Never Felt Better.

Definitely on my wish list!

Great article with Edie Eckman as well as a pattern for a granny square cardi designed by Dora Ohrenstein http://www.crochetinsider.com - too bad I don't crochet.

Fabulous patterns in "Stripe Dreams". A definite must-make is this Cabana Cutie designed by Mari Lynn Patrick.
Side to side construction with Saucy Sport yarn by Reynolds/JCA, and how about this cool matching beach bag. The bag was designed by Tanis Gray and uses Cotton Stria by Manos del Uruguay. The Cabana Cutie calls for 2 each of Parakeet Green, Faded Gold, Cream Fraisce and Deep Ocean plus 1 each of Sage, Coral Reef, Persimmon and Orange. Priced at $2.95 at WEBS www.yarn.com total for project approx $36 not including the discount, however I wasn't able to find deep ocean (could I substitute Maritime Blue), Sage, Persimmon or Orange......more searching in order. www.cottonclouds.com carries this yarn in a larger amount of color selection, but not by the 'names' listed above. The bag requires 8 skeins in assorted colors. www.purlsoho.com seems to have all of the colors in stock at $8.50/skein.

The magazine also has a great section, and at least 6 patterns for summer tank tops. A wonderful article on making booties. Great baby sweater and onesie in beige, turquoise and white...great color combinations and beautiful photography.