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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Finished Christmas Gifts

Here are 3 finished IPOD cases that I plan to give my neices for Christmas. Tomorrow! Yikes...nothing like finishing up items at the 11th hour. I used a free pattern that I found at Michael's. The left one was made using yarn that I purchased from Knit Picks and dyed with kool-aid. The middle one and the one on the right were made using Lamb's Pride worsted. The 2 flowers were made using a Nicky Epstein pattern. I took 3 strands of silver wire, and set up approximately 20 beads each wire, then using a needle, I pulled all three wires through the flower to the stem. I then wrapped the wire around the base of the flower stem, and stitched the flowers, stem and leaves to the case. The middle leaf was not felted. All other items were felted seperately. I attached buttons so that the handle can be opened and closed.


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