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Saturday, February 03, 2007

more trouble with the Shell Tank

More trouble with the shell tank from the Knitting Nature Book.
Okay, so I have to frog the right front piece again. (this will be the 2nd time ripping-let's hope that the yarn holds out)
Once I layed it out, I had to ask myself, why the heck did I knit so far past the armhole...it's not a wrap-around...hahaha...
At any rate, view the schematic....I didn't READ one very simple sentence in the pattern...simply stated 'AT THE SAME TIME'. So, while I was happily knitting away working the increases on the wrong side, I did not read "AT THE SAME TIME" increase on right side rows....I thought I was supposed to start the increases after I got up to the armhole. I have an idea that I might make a real-life size paper pattern of the piece so that I can check my knitting as I go. I am SO DETERMINED to make this darn tank!!!!!
see where it says "AT THE SAME TIME". I will never miss that in a pattern again!


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