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Monday, August 21, 2006

Diamond Chevron Scarf - Knit-A-Long Progress

This is the progress report on my Diamond Chevron Scarf - A bunch of us knitters are doing a Knit-A-Long at the multidirectional yahoo group. The photo on the left is a new Patons Classic Wool varigated version. I love working with this yarn, and have made many felted items using the solid colors. I wasn't so sure of the colorway, but now that I've seen it in the photographs I've taken, I like how it is coming out. I may decide to steam this a bit, not fully felt it, just steam it so that the colors blend a bit nicer. The second photo is showing the 'hole' discussion that we've been having the past few days. I have the 'hole' too, but I think I'm going to 'not' close it up. I almost want to put a small ribbon there, and perhaps a label....not sure. I'll decide before it's all finished. This scarf is being made with Wool in the Woods Gold Dust Lottery. There are lots of gold specks in this yarn blend, and I also like how the colorway is working.


  • At 3:45 PM, Blogger Donna L. said…

    Hi Cynthia, I love your scarf. I finished up mine about a week ago but haven't put pictures of it up yet. Nice job.

    We were out in the wineries again on Friday but we didn't stop at Peconic Bay. We were only going to the ones my daughter, who is visiting here from CA, wanted to go to.

    Donna L.


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